Liefste Madelain Leef Spurgeon Se Woorde Uit!!

Ek hoop my kinders kry die geleentheid om hierdie te lees. Miskien sal dit makliker wees on hulle biologiese pa te vergewe.
Dankie Elanê

hier "blok" ek!

Stephan Joubert se woorde in: Goeie Nuus in Beeld: Charles Spurgeon, die beroemde 19de eeuse Engelse prediker, het ‘n gewoonte gehad wat party godsdienstige mense geïrriteer het. Hy het sigare gerook. Een keer het die ewe beroemde Amerikaaanse prediker Dwight L. Moody hom kom besoek. Toe Spurgeon met ‘n sigaar ingestap kom, was Moody geskok. “Dr Spurgeon, “you are a Christian andyou smoke,” het hy gereageer. Spurgeon was nie op sy mond geval nie en het dadelik geantwoord: “Mr Moody, you are a Christian and you are fat!” Ons sien makliker ander mense se gebreke raak as ons eie. Ander se sondes is boonop elke keer morele gebreke en karakterfoute. Ons eie? Wel, hulle is maar net “gewone” foute. Mense verstaan ons maar net verkeerd. Dit is hoekom Jesus gesê het ons moet eers die houtstomp uit ons eie oog haal voordat ons ander mense se foute…

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oud word het sy voordele :-)

Tong in die kies vir die Woensdagoggend.  (alle eer aan die skrywer dit is nie ek nie)


I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People get out of the way much faster now.

Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers.

You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone? That’s common sense leaving your body.

I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row.

I decided to stop calling the bathroom the “John” and renamed it the “Jim”. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

Old age is coming at a really bad time. When I was a child I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation.

The biggest lie I tell myself is…”I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”

I don’t have gray hair; I have “wisdom highlights.” I’m just very wise.

Teach your daughter how to shoot, because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would’ve put them on my knees.

Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. We haven’t met yet.

Why do I have to press one for English when you’re just going to transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway?

Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice.

At my age “Getting lucky” means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

I am a Seenager. (Senior teenager) I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later.
I don’t have to go to school or work.I get an allowance every month.
I have my own pad.
I don’t have a curfew.
I have a driver’s license and my own car.
I have ID that gets me into bars and the whisky store.
The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant.
And I don’t have acne.

Life is great. I have more friends I should send this to, but right now I can’t remember their names.